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Morocco culture

Morocco is a diverse country. Traditionally Islamic, but the culture of Morocco is also a combination of Berber, Jewish and Arabic cultures. Also, influenced by its years of Spanish and French colonial rule.

Language spoken in Morocco

The primary language of Morocco is Arabic and Berber. French is considered the third unofficial language of Morocco and it is often used in business and government and remains the language used in Higher Education. Spanish is also spoken in the north of Morocco. While English is rapidly becoming the second foreign language of choice among educated youth and spoken in popular tourist area.

Best time to visit Morocco

There is no bad time to visit Morocco, but generally the best time to visit is during March to May or September to November, the country’s shoulder seasons.

Currency used in Morocco

The national currency is the Dirham (MAD) and it is officially designated as a closed currency, meaning it cannot be exchanged or purchased outside of Morocco. Thus, Dirham can only be bought once you arrive in Morocco. Euros and dollars (US and CAD) are widely accepted in Morocco. Moroccan Dirham is issued in banknotes (20, 50, 100 and 200 Dirham) and coins (1, 5, and 10 Dirham, and 5, 10, 20 and 50 centimes).

Food and drink in Morocco

Delicious and famous Moroccan cuisine are tangine, couscous, kefta, kebab and pastila. Moroccan mint tea is a very popular drink! Kindly take note that the mint tea is brew from green tea leaves and served with sugar. It’s a very sweet drink!

Shopping in Morocco

Argan oil, rose essence product, Berber’s carpet, pottery, crystal, saffron, herbs and spices, handmade Moroccan colourful lanterns, tagine pots, nuts and dried food, dates, leather products such as jacket, slipper, and handbags are some of the popular items in Morocco.

The services in Morocco

Slow service is a norm in Morocco as it is a developing country and modern amenities are still being built or are non-existent in many places outside the city. It does not matter whether you are at roadside, 5 star situation, accommodation and restaurant. Moroccan takes life easy, happy and stress free. So, if you need anything, kindly be patient and be prepared to wait. Remember laughter speaks the same language everywhere.

Dress code in Morocco

Morocco is deemed an open and liberal country. There are no strict rules with dressing. However, women have to respect the general clothing norms, which is covering the knees and breast and avoiding tight or transparent outfits. During winter, we highly recommend you to wear layers of clothes to keep yourselves warm all the time. The average daily temperature is about 12 °C.

Air can be dry all year round, moisturiser and lip balm are the must. Maybe some face mask to relax your skin at night. To protect your skin, sunscreen, umbrella and hat is important all year round. Good walking and stable footwear are a must as most of the time visiting requires walking in cobblestone, narrow and steep alley way, uneven pathway/tar road, soft and sandy sand dunes.

Morocco2u driver and guide

Our guides and drivers speak understandable English with local slang. Besides, our drivers are licensed with years of experience in Morocco’s curving mountain roads as well as off road driving. Local tour guides are all registered national tour guide too!

Morocco2u vehicles

All vehicles during excursion are tourism registered.
Number of guest Type of vehicle
2 - 4 pax 4 X 4 Mitsubishi
7 - 12 pax 18 Seater Mini Bus
13 – 22 pax Tour Bus of 26 Seater
23 – 46 pax Tour Bus of 48 Seater